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Video Surveillance Installation: 5 Desirable Features In Today's Cameras

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Are you considering installing a video surveillance system? The effectiveness of your security camera system is as good as the features of the cameras. Today's security cameras have very impressive features like facial recognition. Smart cameras can also make simple 'intelligent' decisions like communicating to the central panel to turn on the lights. If you are considering video surveillance installation, what are some desirable features of the cameras?

1. Night Vision 

Night vision in security cameras has been around for several years, but it is getting better. It has become standard in both commercial and residential security camera systems. This feature is a must-have because it gives your system the capability to operate in the dark when your property is most vulnerable.  

2. Facial Recognition 

Artificial intelligence in today's cameras enables them to do facial recognition. The camera 'learns' familiar faces and stores them in a database. The camera then compares faces against what is stored in the database and raises an alert when it reads a strange face.

Face detection is also important in reducing unnecessary alerts when there is motion. The camera recognizes human faces as opposed to pets or small animals. In addition, it reduces the storage space consumed by motion-activated recording. 


IFTTT stands for If-this-then-that. It means a certain action triggers another action. It automates simple actions like switching on the lights. For example, if the camera senses motion after 6 pm, it triggers security lights on the front door. 

You set up IFTTT statements when doing video surveillance installation. Still, the system should allow you to add or remove these statements as your security situation changes. Today's cameras allow you to set up hundreds of these statements with ease, even with little technical know-how. 

4. Pre-Buffered Video

Context is important when reviewing a security incident. For example, when someone suddenly runs to the front door, the motion activates the camera covering that area. Without pre-buffering, you may not know what made the person run.

Pre-buffering allows you to see several seconds of events before a camera is triggered to start recording. This feature is enabled by short-term Random Access Memory (RAM). Images stored in this memory are temporary. They are only recorded on long-term hard disk memory when the camera is triggered to start recording. It becomes very useful in providing context. 

5. Smart Systems Integration 

A video surveillance installation needs to integrate with the central smart home system. It gives a more integrated security setup because the cameras can work alongside lighting, access control, and the anti-burglary system. 

Are you looking to install a robust home security system? Talk to security surveillance installers about security camera options.