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5 Tips For A Safer Halloween

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Halloween is an exciting time, especially if you have children. They will want to dress up, go door-to-door and stay up watching scary movies while eating their candy. However, Halloween can also be dangerous for security reasons. This is because burglars use this night to take advantage of slip-ups that many homeowners make. Here are five tips you should consider for a safer Halloween:

  1. Have Alarm System Inspected: Having your home alarm inspected before Halloween arrives is a good idea. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that your alarm is working throughout the holiday season ahead. When you have the home alarm inspected, you can be sure that if someone attempts to break in while you are out trick or treating with the kids, the alarm will be triggered and the authorities alerted right away. 
  2. Keep the Garage Closed: Keeping the garage door closed is important, especially if you aren't going to be in the garage passing out candy. Although it may be easier for friends and family to get in and out of your home through the garage, it also gives burglars the chance to hide out, especially if your garage is used for storage. There is usually plenty of places to hide for potential burglars. 
  3. Use Motion Lights: The best way to scare off potential burglars is to use motion lights. If you already have motion lights installed, be sure that you double check they are working a few nights before Halloween. If you don't have any motion lights, consider having your local security company install them for you. 
  4. Don't Answer the Door After 9 p.m.: Trick or treating should be done earlier in the night. It's best not to answer your door after 9 p.m. Many burglars will dress up as trick or treaters, knock on your door, and attempt to look inside your home to determine whether or not there is anything valuable to steal and whether or not you have people in your home or if you are by yourself. They take advantage of the fact that many homeowners are more likely to answer the door on this night. 
  5. Keep Everything Locked: Even though you may only be going around your own block to trick or treat, always be sure that windows and doors are locked. Many people are going to be walking up to your door during this time and if the wrong person notices that a window or door is unlocked, you are putting your home in danger. 

When you consider these five Halloween tips, you can be sure that your Halloween is safer for your entire family. For assistance, talk to a professional like Atlas Alarm Corporation.