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Install Your Security Camera In These Locations To Avoid Detection

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Installing one or more security cameras inside your home can be extremely valuable in the event of a break-in, giving police ample evidence to arrest the individual who victimized you — and giving the courts plenty of reason to convict him or her. Your security camera, however, is only useful if it's in a spot where it can't be detected. In an easily identifiable spot, a burglar could easily hit the camera with a bat to break it or cover its lens with black spray paint, rendering it ineffective. To make sure your camera isn't detected, consider these ideal hiding spots throughout your home.

At The Base Of A Potted Plant

When someone breaks into your home, it's unlikely that he or she is planning to steal your potted plants, resulting in them likely being ignored. This means that you can often hide one of your security cameras in the plant and have it undetected. Select a plant in the corner of the room so that it can capture a wide focal range or one near a logical entry point of your home, such as a glass sliding door. You can often place the camera at the base of the plant and build up the dirt around the camera a little to better disguise it.

In A Book Shelf

If you have lots of book storage in your home, a shelf can provide a decent hiding spot for a small security camera. While slipping a small camera between two books just enough that it can capture what's happening in the room is ideal, you can go a step further, if you'd like, and place your camera inside a book. Buy a thick reference-style book at a used book store, cut a small hole in the spine and remove the pages. You can then set the camera in the hollowed-out area so that its lens lines up perfectly with the hole that you cut.

On A Ceiling Fan

The average burglar isn't likely going to pay much attention to your ceiling fans, which makes them an ideal place for hiding a small security camera. Ceiling fans have a large, bulbous housing above the blades. Provided that the camera is small enough, you can easily mount it atop this housing and position it at an angle that "peeks" over the side of the housing and captures the scene below. This will provide bird's-eye footage of anyone who enters your home.

For additional info or ideas, contact a local security camera retailer.