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Cost-Effective Security Features You Can Use To Protect Your Candy Store

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Owning a candy store is a real treat. You get to delight customers every day while serving them decadent and unique sweet snacks that they can enjoy. Unfortunately, bins of candy that the public can access on their own can lead to sneaky fingers pocketing sweet treats right in front of you. If you want to keep a tighter lock on your inventory without imposing on the customer experience of picking and choosing their own sweets, you need to amp up your security to reduce shoplifting tendencies. Customers are less likely to steal if they feel they are being watched, and there are many cost-effective ways you can keep a watchful eye on your candy store. Here are just a few security features you can install.

Large corner mirrors

Convex mirrors placed in the upper ceiling corners of your store can help you keep an eye on all your customers without having to install expensive security cameras. If you notice a customer lingering too long over a candy bin or repeatedly reaching into their pocket or bag, you can send an employee over to them or introduce yourself to see if the customer needs any assistance. If they are stealing, they will suddenly feel like they have been 'figured out' since they were approached, and the action can make them stop. If they aren't stealing, then you have caused no foul in approaching them to offer assistance.

Security alarms

It's wise to have a security alarm set up in your store, even if you only use it for your cash register. If you notice anyone actively stealing or a large group stealing candy from bins or trying to harass your staff, you can push a button to sound off an irritating and frightening alarm that can also alert the police at the same time. The noise alone can cause would-be thieves to stop and can help buy you and your staff time if you are in danger. This alarm can be set up under your cash register to allow you easy access that your customers can't see without going where they are not allowed.

You want your candy store to be a fun and safe place for everyone to enjoy. You also want to make sure you can keep track of inventory properly and keep people from stealing. If you install convex mirrors and security alarms, you can provide cost-effective and beneficial security that you can enjoy in your store.

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