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Critical Tasks For Maintaining Fire Sprinklers Over The Long Term

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If you're looking to prevent destructive fires in your home, there are a few critical pieces of maintenance to keep in mind to help lower the possibility that this is going to happen. The maintenance is nearly as important as the initial installation in the long run.

Clear Dust Off of Sensors

Over time, dust and lint are going to build up on the sensor vents in your home. This can render them completely useless. There's no point even having a sensor in your house if it's not going to function when you need it to do so. This includes both carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors. You should inspect them and clean them off at least monthly if possible.

Fire Resistant Roofing

When a roof is damaged, the fire-resistant properties it has can also be diminished. That's why it's important to make sure that you repair any damage that occurs specifically to the fire-resistant parts of the roof such as any heating insulation or treatment done to the tiles on a regular basis.

Check Detector Connections

It's important to make sure that all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are connected together. You shouldn't risk one going off in a way that you can't hear. If you haven't connected them together, this is something you should have a professional do. The key is to make sure that when one goes off, that they all go off. Connections can also fall off over time. You should check the wiring every few months to make sure that it's all still working.

Smart Sprinklers

While these obviously won't prevent fires from happening completely, they can help prevent destructive fires. Smart sprinklers are superior to traditional sprinklers in that they can be activated by more than just heat. Some fires may be far enough away from the sprinkler sensor that they won't be set off until the fire is far too big to be easily stopped.

Instead, these devices can detect fires based on a number of environmental factors. It won't just be heat; it will also be air quality, motion, and other factors. You have to install them and keep them up to date with software updates, however. This level of maintenance is important.

Overall, it's important to make sure that you are maintaining your anti-fire systems in every way including both their physical and software components. You'll be happy you did when the time comes. Contact a business that maintains fire suppression systems for more information.