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4 Security Tips For People Who Live Alone

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Living alone for the first time can be a very exciting experience. You gain total independence and you are free to do as you please, and it certainly does not get much better than that. However, there are some risks that stem from living alone. You are solely responsible for your safety, so you need to be proactive about protecting yourself and your home. Check out the four tips below to make your living situation secure.

1. Explore The Layout Of Your Home

This one sounds a little bit obvious at first. You likely looked at every nook and cranny of your home before you moved in. Like most people, you likely focused on the aesthetic and practical features of your home. To amp up your home security, it is important to take a look at your house from a different perspective. For example:

  • Check to make sure all of your window locks work properly.

  • If you have gates or fences, look for weak spots and repair them.

  • Map out the fastest exit plan in case you need to leave your home in an emergency.

2. Take Precautions When You Go Out Of Town

If you plan on traveling, you need to make sure you home is not vulnerable to theft or vandalization. Fortunately, there are a few very simple things you can do before you leave:

  • Leave a lamp on or use an automatic timer to turn lights on periodically.

  • Temporarily have the post office hold your mail, or ask a trusted person to check it for you. A full mailbox is a sign that a home is empty.

  • If possible, see if a friend or family member can visit your home every few days to make sure everything is in order.

3. Have A Chat With Your Neighbors

When you are new to the neighborhood, it can be beneficial to introduce yourself to your neighbors. In case an emergency occurs, having a friendly acquaintance close may be a life saver. You can also ask your neighbors what they think about your neighborhood. This will give you a firsthand perspective of how safe the area may be.

4. Install A Home Security System

For comprehensive security when you live alone, you should consider having a home security system installed. You may not think this is necessary, but it can certainly save you from all sorts of trouble. Security systems can:

  • deter burglars and thefts when an alarm sounds

  • record events that occur on your property (if you use security cameras)

  • alert the authorities if there is a break-in, fire, or another emergency

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