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Protecting Your Business With An Access Control System

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Securing your business should always be a high priority as it can help to minimize the risk of loss to thefts and even safety risks to your business. Access control systems can be one option for enhancing your company's security, but there can be several different types of systems that you can install.

Card-Based Systems

Depending on your particular security needs, a card-based access control system may be more than sufficient for your needs. When using these systems, you can have a great deal of flexibility. For example, you may be able to program these cards so that they will only be able to work at certain times. Also, these cards can be easily reprogrammed and replaced. If your business has a high-turnover rate, this can be an affordable access control system that will still provide results.

Biometric Scanning

There are some businesses that may need to eliminate the risk of employees losing their access control cards as this could present a major threat to the business. One solution for this can be to utilize biometric scanning systems. These systems will require a person's fingerprint or even a retinal scan before access is granted. While these systems can be among the more costly and sophisticated options, they may also provide the best protection. Due to the cost and complexity of these systems, many businesses will choose to limit the use of this option to particularly sensitive areas of the facilities.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication has become more well-known as a result of an increasing number of websites and digital services requiring it when individuals log into their accounts. However, it is also possible to include this capability in your access control system. When using two-factor authentication, your employee will be texted an access code that they can use to release the lock. This can be added as a second layer of protection regardless of the primary access control system that you are using. Due to the potential delay in receiving the access code text, you may want to avoid using this type of feature in areas that will need to be accessed regularly. Rather, using it on primary entrances for facilities that are not open to the public can help to provide an added layer of security to keep unauthorized individuals from being able to gain access through finding a lost access card or even learning the access codes to the door panel. Without the code from the two-factor authentication, these individuals will be unable to enter, and your security may be alerted to the attempted access.

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