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Home Security Tips For Parents Of Teens

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Often, home security becomes more of a concern as your kids get older. This is because there are more people in and out of the house since your teens likely have their own schedules and a set of keys. This can lead to security issues when there are multiple people in charge of keeping everything locked up and safe. The following tips can help you better manage your home's security:

Tip #1: Opt for keyless entry

A major concern with teens is lost keys. Fortunately, modern technology helps solve this issue. You can have a keyless entry system installed. There are two primary options. The first is to use a keypad. Give your teen their own code to use. A second option is to use a newer smart lock. These are integrated with a smart phone app so that your teen's phone doubles as their key. As an added bonus, these apps often track usage, so you can check the entry record to make sure your teen really did get home before curfew the night before.

Tip #2: Install a visual alarm

If your teen is in and out often when no one else is home, a concern could be that they leave doors or windows open when they leave. Some alarm control systems have multiple settings, which means they may be able to be activated even if a window is open depending on sensor placement. A visual alarm lights up to warn you of which windows or doors aren't fully secured before activating the alarm, which may give your teen the necessary prodding to shut the window before walking out the door.

Tip #3: Manage your home from afar

Sometimes the only option you have is to check up on your teen to make sure they secured the house properly. Once again, this is where a smart alarm and home system pays off. Opt for a system that allows you to set the alarm, lock windows, and turn off lights all from a phone app or website. This will allow you to check in on the house through the day when you are away to make sure everything was locked up properly. You can also unlock the house from afar, which can pay off when you get the inevitable call from your teen saying that they can't remember their code to get into the house.

For more help, contact an alarm control system company in your area.