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Add Necessary Layers Of Security To Protect Yoga Studios And Gyms From Burglars

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All businesses are the potential targets of burglars. Any small business owner who thinks an establishment would be passed up by an intruder might find out the error of his or her judgment the hard way. Recently, several yoga studios and commercial gyms in the Washington, D.C. area were targeted by burglars. Most would consider these very atypical targets for burglary. Burglars think otherwise. Proprietors of yoga and fitness studios should heed the warnings in the news and take steps to both understand why burglars target these establishments and also to install primary and secondary commercial security systems.

Understand the Attraction

The first step in improved safety is understanding why burglars won't pass up such an establishment.

Some may wonder what kind of merchandise would be of value in a gym or yoga studio. The new report points out the obvious: money. Thieves target cash registers. Consumer electronics items are also worth stealing. Such businesses likely have a computer, television set, and stereo system on the premises. Specialty merchandise offered for sale on the premises are ripe for stealing as well. Protein powders, free weights, or other items could have "resale value" to thieves.

Burglars Move Quick

Burglars don't want to get caught. They prefer to breach entry, find something of value, and exit the premises unnoticed. Anything that delays burglars for a mere 60 seconds probably will lead them to abandon their plans and leave. Alarms on the front and back entrances absolutely make it harder on a burglar. If primary alarms are disabled in some way, however, backup plans in the form of extra precautions could prove helpful.

  • Move Desk Area Items

At the close of the business day, take the cash register, computer, and other items of value and place them in a locked office door. The office door should be a solid security door and not one that can be easily kicked open.

  • Install Roller Cages on Interior Portals

If there is an open entrance way that leads from a waiting area and into the gym or studio floor, install a metal roll-out door to make entering even harder. Securing the door with industrial strength padlock would add another layers of security on top of the cage's standard lock..

  • Place All Merchandise In A Case

Supplements, mats, meal replacements, and the like should not just be left stocked on a shelf. They should be stored inside a locked plexiglass case. The lock won't be easy to pick, and the plexiglass won't be prone break under normal force.

All of these measures add time to the burglar's job. Again, time works against burglars.

Use Secondary Alarms

If the primary alarm is disabled, secondary alarms pick up the proverbial slack. An alarm affixed to the office door will go off if the door is opened. Consider it advisable to use battery-powered secondary alarms in case the primary system went out due to a power failure.