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Bad Habits To Avoid With Home Security Cameras And Systems

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There are some common mistakes that people make when setting up home security in terms of putting themselves in the psychology of the burglar. Here are a few examples of how people fail to think like a burglar, including what you can do to correct the issues.

Not Making Alarm Systems and Cameras Obvious

Your first thought when it comes to adding an alarm system to your house is often going to be to hide the alarm systems because you've seen to many movies about expert thieves finding and disabling them. This isn't too close to reality, however. Part of the benefit of an alarm system is that it serves as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

It's not as if a lot of noise somehow makes it impossible for a thief to run into your house, the point is that it makes it a lot less desirable since the thief would then have to deal with a small window of time before being caught. This isn't going to be as effective unless you make it clear to the thief that the deterrent is there. Prominently posting stickers for the security company, such as Safeway Security Systems, will help with this endeavor as well.

Announcing Vacations

If you make it to obvious that you're going on vacation, thieves will take notice. For example, telling everyone on your Facebook page about your plans when you have open privacy could clue in thieves looking for this kind of thing It's going to be a lot easier for a thief to hit a house that doesn't have the owners home, after all.

In fact, there are plenty of situations where people could search specifically for this in Facebook update statuses. Your Facebook updates could literally be pulling in thieves. This also applies to letting newspapers pile up on your driveway or being the only lawn in the neighborhood that isn't getting care. If you go on vacation, you need to make sure to have this taken care of while you're gone.

Easy to Guess Key Habits

Another major issue is when you put the key under the mat or in fake rocks at the top of the door frame. Burglars have gotten wise to all of these approaches now, and they will check all of these areas right away as soon as they get to your door. If you want to keep them out, you have to do something that they wouldn't expect or can't do anything about, such as leaving a key with a neighbor.

While it's true that you can mitigate some of these issues with security cameras that are sensitive enough, it's also important to retain any edge that you can. Deterring thieves is always going to be the most effective approach, after all.